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Clayfighter 2: Judgement Clay

1.      4D08-E4A1       Select more speed in options
2.      DB0B-E4D1       Select more difficulty in options
3.      8F59-EDA7       Both players jump off the screen
4.      CB51-7D64 + 6251-7F04 + 4651-7F64 + F651-7FA4   Infinite
                        energy and infinite time

Codes for The Blob

5.      EE0C-77E9       Blob spit kills
6.      EE0E-7479       Buzz saw kills
7.      EE09-5789       Rocket-anvil attack kills

Codes for Hoppy

8.      EEB0-5D7C       Spinning carrot kills
9.      EEBB-5F8C       Spin kick towards(special move) kills

Codes for Octo

10.     EE1C-5785       Brutal cartwheel kills (when close)
11.     EE15-8DE5       Ground spin kills

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