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Chester Cheetah: Too Cool to Fool

CODE    KEY IN . . .    EFFECT . . .

1       3CBF-0D69       Infinite life points

2       D469-DFD9       Start with 2 life points
3       DD69-DFD9       Start with 0 life points

4       D965-D7DB       Badges worth 5
5       4965-D7DB       Badges worth 25 
6       9D65-D7DB       Badges worth 50

7       A26F-04D4       Infinite credits        

8       3C60-04D9       Invincibility (Chester(tm) blinks)--you may
                        freeze if   you get the guitar and fall in
				    water (have to reset) Remember, you can pick
				    'n mix your codes! You can enter up to FIVE
				    codes at a time (but some effects require
				    more than one code).

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