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Wizards and Warriors 3

PAXXPYLA        Start with 2 lives
TAXXPYLA        Start with 7 lives
PAXXPYLE        Start with 10 lives
SXNTPLVG        Infinite lives--except at boss stages
POSAGGZU        Coins worth 25
GVSAGGZL        Coins worth 100
NNSAGGZU        Coins worth 255
IESAZKZA        Bags worth 5
ZUSAZKZA        Bags worth 50
NNSAZKZE        Bags worth 255
AGKZGYEA        Less energy
ELKZGYEA        More energy
AGELLZEA        Less energy after death--except atboss stages
ELELLZEA        More energy after death--except at boss stages
PAKZGYEA        Start with very little life force
AGKZGYEA        Start with about half life force
SXVTGLVG        Infinite lives
SZNYZNSE        Shopkeeper sometimes forgets to charge
SXXNITVG        Infinite keys

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