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Tiger Heli

SZSYAEGK        Don't take damage
SLXLGNVS        Infinite lives--1-player game
AEUUYTZA        Start with 2 lives--1-player game
AEUUYTZE        Start with 9 lives--1-player game
IASUYYZA        Start with 6 lives--player 1 in a 2-player game
AASUYYZE        Start with 9 lives--player 1 in a 2-player game
IANLZYZA        Start with 6 lives--player 2
AANLZYZE        Start with 9 lives--player 2
LASNVVZA        Extra life every 5 bonus blocks
XTVLUEZK        Start with 2 little-helis after dying
TEKNAXIA        Autofire capability
ZEKNAXIA        Burstfire capability
GXVNZLZP        Turbo boost
SUKLINVS + SUVULNVS     Infinite lives--both players

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