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Super C

AEXTLIZA        1 life for both players 
IEXTLIZA        6 lives for both players
AEXTLIZE        9 lives for both players
PEETLIAA        Start at area 2
ZEETLIAA        Start at area 3
LEETLIAA        Start at area 4
GEETLIAA        Start at area 5
IEETLIAA        Start at area 6
TEETLIAA        Start at area 7
AENTTTZA        Bonus life for each enemy soldier shot
TEEVIIZA        9 continues
SZOVXZVG        Infinite continues
EUUTGIYS + YSXTPSEL + ZEUTZIAA     Start game with Spray Gun
EUUTGIYS + YSXTPSEL + GEUTZIAA     Start game with Fireball Gun

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