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Star Tropics

SXETAKVK        Infinite lives
PASTYZLA        1 life with a new character
TASTYZLA        6 lives with a new character
PAUTGILA        1 life after continue
TAUTGILA        6 lives after continue
SUXXPSVS        Infinite weapons
ZUVLZEPP        Gain 50 fire weapons on pick-up
ZUSUYETP        Gain 50 bat weapons on pick-up
IEUZZNGA        Only 3 hearts needed to use shooting-star
AEOZPYTO        Only 8 hearts needed to use super-nova
SZNZGPAX + VZVZLOSV     Infinite energy
PEXXYTIA + PEUZLTIA     Only 1 star needed to restore energy
PEXXYTIE + PEUZLTIE     9 stars needed to restore energy

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