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The Simpsons: Bartman Meets Radioactive Man

PAVAYYLA        Start with 2 lives and 2 credits
IAVAYYLA        Start with 6 lives and 6 credits
YAVAYYLA        Start with 8 lives and 8 credits
PAVAYYLE        Start with 10 lives and 10 credits
OLVYAZOP        Infinite lives
SZENNEVK        Infinite credits
ASVTOZAZ        Laser bolts worth more on pick up
SXNNVEVK        Infinite laser bolts
AAUY-PYGA       Infinite energy
AXUVSZIA        Cold breath worth more on pick up
AAKYKPPA        Infinite cold breaths
ZAUZAYAA        Start in chapter 1 level 2
IAUZAYAA        Start in chapter 1 level 3
Don't combine the last two codes
OAKNUEEE        Don't lose laser bolts when you die
EAKNVEOE        Don't lose cold breaths when you die

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