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Micro Machines

If one code doesn't work, try the other code.

PEKNAYLE / PAXNAYLE     Play with 9 lives
GXSZZVVK / GZNXGVVK     Infinite lives
GEKYSZZA / GAXYSZZA     Qualify every race!
PEUYXZLA / PAOYXZLA     Ruff Trux after every race
PASYNALA / PEUYYYLA     Kid out of game after every race
GEKNIYAA / GAXNIYAA     Start on race 5
PEKNIYAE / PAXNIYAE     Start on race 10
TEKNIYAE / TAXNIYAE     Start on race 15
LOKNIYAA / LPXNIYAA     Start on race 20
AOKNIYAE / APXNIYAE     Start on race 25 (Final Race!)
GESYOZPA / GAUYOZPA     Win Championship race!
AAOEIAIA        Faster Boat acceleration
AAOEGAIA        Faster Sports Car acceleration
AAOETAIA        Faster Formula 1 acceleration
AAOEYAIA        Faster Turbo Wheels(tm) acceleration
AAXAAAIA        Faster 4x4 acceleration
AAXAZAZA        Faster Tank acceleration
AAXALAIA        Faster Chopper acceleration
AAXATEPA        Quicker Boat deceleration
AAXAIEPA        Quicker Sports Car deceleration
AAXAYEPA        Quicker Formula 1 deceleration
AAXEAEPA        Quicker Turbo Wheels deceleration
AAXEPEPA        Quicker 4x4 deceleration
AAXELAZA        Quicker Tank deceleration
AAXEGEYA        Quicker Chopper deceleration
YAEAZAPA        Higher bounce for Boats
IAEAPAPA        Higher bounce for Sports cars
YAEALAPA        Higher bounce for Formula 1's
YAEAGAPA        Higher bounce for Turbo Wheels
YAEAIAPA        Higher bounce for 4x4's
YAEAYAPA        Higher bounce for Tanks

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