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Last Action Hero

AAUVSTLA        Start with 1 life
TAUVSTLA        Start with 7 lives
PAUVSTLE        Start with 10 lives
AASTAILA        Continue with 1 life
PASTAILA        Continue with 2 lives
ZASTAILA        Continue with 3 lives
SXXLOGVG        Infinite lives
AAKTOTZA        Start with 0 continues
IAKTOTZA        Start with 5 continues
PAKTOTZE        Start with 9 continues
SZEVZIVG        Infinite continues
ESXZLAEY        Kill bosses with one hit
VZSAEYVT        Red hearts worth nothing instead of 1 life
SXOLSGTG        Infinite energy
ZENTAAAA        Start on stage 2: Hamlet
GENTAAAA        Start on stage 3: The House
IENTAAAA        Start on stage 4: The Freeway
TENTAAAA        Start on stage 5: The Office block
YENTAAAA        Start on stage 6: The Helicopter
AENTAAAE        Start on stage 7: The Film Premiere
PENTAAAE        Start on Stage 8: The Cinema
ZENTAAAE        Start on the end-of-level bad guy

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