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Goonies 2

SZUGUYVG        Infinite lives 
PAXSZGLA        Start with 1 life
TAXSZGLA        Start with 6 lives 
PAXSZGLE        Start with 9 lives
IAVIAGPA        Start with boomerang
LEUAOPZA        Always have mega-jump
IEUEKPGA        Better jumping boots on pick-up 
ZESAPAPA        Super speed 
SXUASSVK        Infinite bombs on pick-up
SZVAESVK        Infinite molotov bombs on pick-up 
SZNEEVVK        Infinite shots for sling on pick-up
GAUIZGZA + AGUIYGAZ     Start with 4 energy cells 
AAUIZGZE + EAUIYGAZ     Start with 8 energy cells

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