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SZVZGOVK        Start with infinite lives 
NYEATXNY        Start with 1 life
UYEATXNN        Start with 5 lives 
AAEATXNN        Start with 18 lives
GOOZZPZA        20 'genocides' on new life
SZNPVOVK        Infinite bombs
SXEUSSVK        Infinite 'genocides'
SXOPUSVK        Infinite shields 
SZNOLNVK        Infinite seekers
NNOEPPAE        Start with rear laser 
GZKZZOSE        Keep rear laser after death
GZKXAOSE + GZKZIOSE     Keep mace after death
GPUETZPA + GOOZYPPA     Start new life with 20 shields
GPKAZZIA + GOOXGPIA     Start with 20 seekers and bouncers
AZUALZGO + AXEXIPGO     Start with double bombs

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