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PASGVGLA        Start with 2 lives
IASGVGLA        Start with 6 lives
YASGVGLA        Start with 8 lives
PASGVGLE        Start with 10 lives
SXEKKSVK        Infinite lives
SZVPOKVK        Protection from most hits
PAKGUGLA        Start with 1 continue
IAKGUGLA        Start with 5 continues
YAKGUGLA        Start with 7 continues
PAKGUGLE        Start with 9 continues
ULOTSYTN        Infinite continues
SUNPXXSO        Don't burn money at campfire
AXOKNGAP        Start with 2x life (does not show on meter)
AEOKNGAO        Start with 1/2 life
VTVKVKSE        Start with $100
VTVKUKSE        Start with $10,000
VGVKUKSE        Start with $650,000 (display shows $xx0000 until you pick up 
first money bag)
YONKKXAP        Some bags contain mega-money, some contain no money

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