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A Boy and His Blob

AAULNGIA        1 life only
ZAULNGIE        Double lives 
GXXEOPVG        Infinite lives 
AAVKIPPA        Infinite Jellybeans
SXEEZAAX        Fast play
For the next code, in the underwater section, if you lose a life you 
may not be able to call your Blob, and therefore become trapped. 
If this happens, just reset and start again.
AVOGAEOZ        Invincible 
AVOPVGEI        Never take damage from enemies
APEUUIAA        Gives 10 Orange Jellybeans 
AONUSGAA        10 Lime Jellybeans
OONLOGZN        99 Licorice Jellybeans 
AUNLUGIP        Double Strawberry Jellybeans
TUNLNKAP        Double Cola Jellybeans
AKNUOGGX        Double Cinnamon Jellybeans
GXNUUGZP        Double Apple Jellybeans 
AVNUNGAL        Double Vanilla Jellybeans
ZPELNITA        Double Ketchup Jellybeans
AONLSGTE        Triple Coconut Jellybeans
APELUITE        Triple Rootbeer Jellybeans 
APEUSIAA        10 Vitamin A for Vita-Blaster
APEUNIAA        10 Vitamin B for Vita-Blaster 
APOLOIAA        10 Vitamin C for Vita-Blaster
SZXLXKSU + YYXLUGEY     Gives 101 of all starting Jellybeans 

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