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Adventures of Dino-Riki

SZEETTVG        Start with infinite lives 
AESEPGZA        Start with 1 life
IESEPGZA        Start with 6 lives 
AESEPGZE        Start with 9 lives
SZUENZVG        Start with infinite life hearts
GESEIGZA        Start with 4 life hearts 
AESEIGZE        Start with 8 life hearts
VKEAPISA        Start Macho (big), stay Macho
VVEAPISA        Start as Macho-Riki
IEVASPIG        Once Macho, stay Macho
TKSAAGSA + ZEKEIGAA     Start on stage 2-1
TKSAAGSA + GEKEIGAA     Start on stage 3-1
TKSAAGSA + TEKEIGAA     Start on stage 4-1 
TKSAAGSA + AEKEIGAE     Start on stage 4-2
TKSAAGSA + ZEKEIGAE     Start on stage 4-3
TKSAAGSA + GEKEIGAE     Start on stage 4-4

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