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1.      AXKT-AA8C       Infinite Rocket-boost jumps
2.      R0RA-N60Y       Weapons don't run out
3.      AOMT-AAF6       Start with 5 health balls
4.      A4MT-AAF6       Start with 6 health balls
5.      A8MT-AAF6       Start with 7 health balls
6.      BCMT-AAF6       Start with 8 health balls
7.      BGMT-AAF6       Start with 9 health balls
8.      BLMT-AAF6       Start with 10 health balls
9.      RGNA-A61L       All health power ups max out health
10.     AL8A-AA72       Invincible
11.     R8PT-AAB8       Timer counts down half as fast
12.     F4PT-AA3T       Infinite time
13.     AGMT-AAFY       Start with 1 life
14.     ALMT-AAFY       Start with 2 lives
15.     A0MT-AAFY       Start with 5 lives
16.     BLMT-AAFY       Start with 10 lives
17.     DGMT-AAFY       Start with 25 lives
18.     GLMT-AAFY       Start with 50 lives
19.     NRMT-AAFY       Start with 99 lives
20.     C49T-AA28       Infinite lives
21.     ALRA-NADA       Multiplier goes to 2 after multiplier power-up runs out
22.     ARRA-NADA       Multiplier goes to 3 after multiplier power-up runs out
23.     AL0RA-NADA      Multiplier goes to 5 after multiplier power-up runs out
24.     ABLA-NADA       Multiplier goes to 10 after multiplier power-up runs out
25.     ALRA-NA4Y       Multipliers don't run out with time
26.     AGMT-AACE       Start on metalhead level
27.     ALMT-AACE       Start on tidal surge level
28.     ARMT-AACE       Start on absolute zero level
29.     AWMT-AACE       Start on arctic ridge level
30.     A0MT-AACE       Start on bamboo mill level
31.     A4MT-AACE       Start on rock 'n' roller level
32.     A8MT-AACE       Start on death ally level
33.     BCMT-AACE       Start on hydroponic lab level
34.     BGMT-AACE       Start on superstructure level
35.     BLMT-AACE       Start on stayin' alive level
36.     BRMT-AACE       Start on nightscape level
37.     BWMT-AACE       Start on dark ruins level
38.     B0MT-AACE       Start on underground vault level
39.     B4MT-AACE       Start on worldlink center level
40.     B8MT-AACE       Start on twist and shout level
41.     CCMT-AACE       Start on bonus level

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