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Two Crude Dudes

1       A2BA-AAFT       Start with 6 lives--each player
2       B6BA-AAFT       Start with 7 lives--each player
3       BABA-AAFT       Start with 8 lives--each player
4       BEBA-AAFT       Start with 9 lives--each player
5       A2BA-AAFJ       Start with 6 continues
6       A6BA-AAFJ       Start with 7 continues
7       BABA-AAFJ       Start with 8 continues
8       BEBA-AAFJ       Start with 9 continues
9       AJ0A-AABG       Start on level 2
10      AN0A-AABG       Start on level 3
11      AT0A-AABG       Start on level 4
12      AY0A-AABG       Start on level 5, first part
13      A20A-AABG       Start on level 5, second part
14      AWYT-AA22       Enemies do not hurt
15      AHDT-CAAC       Disc cutter is easier to kill
16      A5DT-CAAC       Disc cutter is harder to kill
17      AHDA-CAGA       Hunchback is easier to kill
18      A5DA-CAGA       Hunchback is harder to kill
19      AHDA-CAG0       Commander is easier to kill
20      CDDA-CAG0       Commander is harder to kill
21      AHDT-CAE6       Heavy Snake is easier to kill
22      DXDT-CAE6       Heavy Snake is harder to kill
23      AHDA-CAFL       Grease Monkey is easier to kill
24      C5DA-CAFL       Grease Monkey is harder to kill
25      AHDT-CAFN       Master Reaper is easier to kill
26      D5DT-CAFN       Master Reaper is harder to kill
27      AHDA-CAHN       Rabid Hounds are easier to kill
28      CDDA-CAHN       Rabid Hounds are harder to kill
29      AHDT-CAA2       Mad Bomber is easier to kill
30      CDDT-CAA2       Mad Bomber is harder to kill
31      AHDT-CAC4       Cyborg D is easier to kill
32      DDDT-CAC4       Cyborg D is harder to kill
33      AHDT-CADT       Hand Sniper is easier to kill
34      D9DT-CADT       Hand Sniper is harder to kill
35      AHDT-CAGJ       Rhino-man is easier to kill
36      EDDT-CAGJ       Rhino-man is harder to kill
37      AHET-CAAW       Santa Imposter is easier to kill
38      DMET-CAAW       Santa Imposter is harder to kill
39      AHFT-CAGW       Pyromaniac is easier to kill
40      DDFT-CAGW       Pyromaniac is harder to kill

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