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1       A4DA-LA6L       Infinite lives
2       BFXA-LAAE       Start with 9 lives, normal level
3       BBXA-LAAE       Start with 8 lives, normal level
4       A7XA-LAAE       Start with 7 lives, normal level
5       A3XA-LAAE       Start with 6 lives, normal level
6       PZ8A-M504       Bonus lives worth 2
7       PZ8A-MN04       Bonus lives worth 3
8       PZ8A-MT04       Bonus lives worth 4
9       AK8A-LA30       Infinite time to complete round
10      CB8A-LAB6       1/2x normal time to complete round
11      JB8A-LAB6       2x normal time to complete round
12      BB8A-LAB6       Less than 1/2x normal time 
to complete round
13      ALAT-LAA4       Increase Stormlord's speed after first 
ride with Thortos
14      98EA-M932       Invincibility

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