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Saint Sword

2       BH1T-AACE       Select up to 9 players on options screen
3       REKA-E6W2       Infinite number of transfiguration items 
once you get one
4       AVZA-AA7R       Almost infinite life energy
5       AVZA-AA36       Protection against stronger boss hits
6       SFZT-BJYY       Each Centaur item is worth 2
7       SFZT-BTYY       Each Centaur item is worth 4
8       SFZT-BJY8       Each Birdman item is worth 2
9       SFZT-BTY8       Each Birdman item is worth 4
10      SFZT-BJZJ       Each Fishman item is worth 2
11      SFZT-BTZJ       Each Fishman item is worth 4
12      REHA-E6TJ       Infinite time to complete stage
13      JAHA-FLTJ       Time goes by 2x as fast
14      JAHA-FWTJ       Time goes by 4x as fast
15      REHA-E6Y0       Stop transfiguration timer
16      JAHA-FLY0       Transfiguration timer is 2x as fast
17      JAHA-FWY0       Transfiguration timer is 4x as fast
18      NNHA-EAHN       Start transfiguration timer at 99 
instead of 60--doesn't work when 
using time necklace
19      ITVT-EEG4       Start chapter 1 timer at 700 instead of 350
20      9TGT-FGJR + EAGT-EGAT   Start all chapters with timer at 800
21      SFZT-BA00       Small magic ball worth 80
22      SFZT-BA0N       Medium magic ball worth 100
23      GKZT-AAGC       Large magic ball worth 500
24      RF0T-A6XN       Infinite lives

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