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NHL Hockey

2       YXBT-AY9E       Timer runs at 10x normal speed
3       95BT-B8HE       Timer runs at 3x normal speed
4       LXBT-BLHE       Timer runs at 2x normal speed
5       L1BT-ALHE       Timer runs at 1/2x normal speed
6       V5BT-AGHE       Timer runs at 1/3x normal speed
7       CHBT-ACHE       Timer runs at 1/10x normal speed
8       ADBT-AAHE       Freeze timer
9       ALSA-AAEN       Penalty timers run at 10x normal speed
10      BCSA-AAEN       Penalty timers run at 3x normal speed
11      BWSA-AAEN       Penalty timers run at 2x normal speed
12      GCSA-AAEN       Penalty timers run at 1/2x normal speed
13      KCSA-AAEN       Penalty timers run at 1/3x normal speed
14      8CSA-AAEN       Penalty timers run at 1/10x normal speed
15      ACSA-AA58       Freeze penalty timers
16      AVDA-AAF4 + AWPA-BE42   Play 4-on-4 instead of 6-on-6
17      AZDA-AAF4 + A0PA-BE42   Play 5-on-5 instead of 6-on-6

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