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Lethal Enforcers

1       AFTA-BA5L       Start each level with Magnum
2       AKTA-BA5L       Start each level with Shotgun
3       APTA-BA5L       Start each level with Assault Rifle
4       AVTA-BA5L       Start each level with Machine gun
5       AZTA-BA5L       Start each level with Automatic
6       A3TA-BA5L       Start each level with Grenade gun
7       AE9A-BA80       Continue with Magnum
8       AJ9A-BA80       Continue with Shotgun
9       AN9A-BA80       Continue with Assault Rifle
10      AT9A-BA80       Continue with Machine gun
11      AY9A-BA80       Continue with Automatic
12      A29A-BA80       Continue with Grenade gun
13      AKBT-AA54       Keep gun after getting shot--1st life only
14      W3GT-ADJY       Score 100% accuracy every time (always get 
a double promotion)
15      RGST-A6VG       Don't go down in rank for shooting innocent 
16      GBCT-AA5J       Infinite ammo
17      ABBT-BA8T       Infinite lives
18      ABAT-BE46       Infinite credits

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