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Jurassic Park Rampage Edition

1.      ARCT-AAET       Start with 2 lives less than normal
2.      AWCT-AAET       Start with 1 life less than normal
3.      A4CT-AAET       Start with 1 life more than normal
4.      A8CT-AAET       Start with 2 lives more than normal
5.      BCCT-AAET       Start with 3 lives more than normal
6.      BGCT-AAET       Start with 4 lives more than normal


7.      A4PA-CA5W       Almost invincible�switch off if you get stuck
8.      BBSA-AA7E       Infinite lives
9.      ALRA-CA44       Candy bars fully restore health
10.     CWCA-CA9J       Infinite ammo (all weapons except grenades)
11.     BWFA-CA9Y       Infinite grenades
12.     JDFA-CABT       Start with 1/4 health
13.     TDFA-CABT       Start with 1/2 health
14.     2DFA-CABT       Start with 3/4 health


15.     AKDT-GA2R       Almost invincible�switch off if you get stuck
16.     DB4T-GA8T       Infinite lives
17.     RFET-G6WA       Candy bars fully restore health
18.     BPET-GAAW       1/2 as much lysine as usual is needed for the raptor rage
19.     RFET-G6T0       Just a little bit of lysine causes the raptor rage
20.     JA9T-GAGT       Start with 1/4 health
21.     TA9T-GAGT       Start with 1/2 health
22.     2A9T-GAGT       Start with 3/4 health

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