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The Incredible Hulk

1.      ALVT-8A82       Level select screen appears after you start 
2.      DVPV-AA9Y       Don't take damage as Hulk/Super-Hulk
3.      DVRB-AA6W       Don't take damage when "Hulked-Out"
4.      A4YT-8A46       Don't lose health with time when "Hulked-out"
5.      ABDV-AAA6       No lives lost from running out of health
6.      ABNB-AAGT       No lives lost from falling in water
7.      ACYA-8AG2       Infinite transformation capsules
8.      AC5A-8AB4       Infinite time to defeat bosses
9.      ABRV-AAFN       Guns have infinite ammo 
10.     BKJV-AAE6       Can perform Super Hulk moves at 10%
11.     CVJV-AAE6       Can perform Super Hulk moves at 20%
12.     D3JV-AAE6       Can perform Super Hulk moves at 30%
13.     AJ2V-AA64       Regular gamma capsules don't max out at 70% 
(can Hulk-Out)
14.     CT3B-AAAJ       Capsules add twice as much (Hulk only)
15.     D23B-AAAJ       Capsules add three time as much (Hulk only)
16.     KR4A-8AEN       Start 1st life with 75% health 
17.     KRXA-8AE8       Start all lives but 1st with 75% health
18.     PC4A-8AEN       Start 1st life with 100% health
19.     PCXA-8AE8       Start all lives but 1st with 100% health
20.     AG4A-8AEY       Start with 1 life
21.     AL4A-8AEY       Start with 2 lives
22.     AW4A-8AEY       Start with 4 lives
23.     A04A-8AEY       Start with 5 lives
24.     A84A-8AEY       Start with 7 lives
25.     BG4A-8AEY       Start with 9 lives

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