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Greendog the Beached Surfer Dude

1       ATNT-AA4E       Infinite lives
2       AYPA-AADE       Start with 6 lives
3       A2PA-AADE       Start with 7 lives
4       BEPA-AADE       Start with 10 lives
5       ABYA-CAAN       Spikes don't hurt
6       AYNA-BE5Y       Start on Ancient Aztec Crypts level
7       A6NA-BE5Y       Start on Mustique level
8       BJNA-BE5Y       Start on Curacao level
9       BNNA-BE5Y       Start on Underwater Crypts of Curacao level
10      BYNA-BE5Y       Start on Skateboard level 1
11      B2NA-BE5Y       Start on Jamaica level
12      B6NA-BE5Y       Start on Skateboard level 2
13      CENA-BE5Y       Start on Saba level
14      CJNA-BE5Y       Start on Crypts after Saba level
15      CTNA-BE5Y       Start on St. Vincent level
16      CYNA-BE5Y       Start on the final Skateboard level
17      AACA-CAC4       Cola doesn't restore energy
18      AJCA-CAC4       Cola restores less energy than normal
19      DTCA-CAC4       Cola restores more energy than normal
20      GACA-CAC4       Cola completely restores energy
21      AD8A-AACL       Fish don't hurt
22      AX8A-AACL       Fish hurt more than normal
23      CD8A-AACL       Fish are devastating
24      AC6A-AABG       Birds don't hurt
25      BC6A-AABG       Birds hurt more than normal
26      CC6A-AABG       Birds are devastating

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