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Ecco the Dolphin

1       AKRT-JA64       Almost infinite breath�switch 
off to die if you get stuck      

2       AL2A-JA7L       Protection from most jellyfish and 
many other enemies
3       ALZA-JA5Y       Protection from spiked shells    
and some other enemies
4       AAVT-NAFC       Protection from octopus
5       HAVT-NAFC       Octopus is fatal         
6       HCBT-LAEW       Charging a school of fish restores 
health completely instead of partially   
7       SW2A-KGPJ + HC2A-JAFL   Most jellyfish and some other 
enemies restore health instead 
of taking it away        
8       SW2A-KGPJ + TC2A-JGFL +         Most jellyfish and some other   
        E42A-JAFN       enemies restore breath instead   
of damaging health

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