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Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf

In tournament play, the game starts you at Level 1, which gives you the lowest (worst) attribute levels for
power, skill and caddy. If you do well in tournaments, the game will increase your overall level for later
tournaments, which increases your power, skill and caddy levels. Level-warping ARNIE Codes 20 thru 30
automatically give you the power, skill and caddy levels of the level you choose. Since you can normally
set your overall level in practice rounds, these codes are good only for tournament play. The following
chart shows power, skill and caddy levels in relation to overall level:

Finally, Codes 31 and 32 have no benefit in practice rounds, since there are computer opponents only
in tournament play.

2       ACLA-AAGY       Set wind strength to 1 (no wind)
3       9WLA-BCG6 + AGLA-AAG8   Set wind strength to 2 (weak)
4       9WLA-BCG6 + ALLA-AAG8   Set wind strength to 3
5       9WLA-BCG6 + ARLA-AAG8   Set wind strength to 4
6       9WLA-BCG6 + AWLA-AAG8   Set wind strength to 5 (moderate)
7       9WLA-BCG6 + A0LA-AAG8   Set wind strength to 6
8       9WLA-BCG6 + A4LA-AAG8   Set wind strength to 7
9       9WLA-BCG6 + A8LA-AAG8   Set wind strength to 8
10      9WLA-BCG6 + BCLA-AAG8   Set wind strength to 9 (strong)
11      DLLT-AA50       Computer won't change wind 
strength during game
12      9WLA-BCG0 + ACLA-AAG2   Set wind direction to South
13      9WLA-BCG0 + AWLA-AAG2   Set wind direction to Southwest
14      9WLA-BCG0 + BCLA-AAG2   Set wind direction to West
15      9WLA-BCG0 + BWLA-AAG2   Set wind direction to Northwest
16      9WLA-BCG0 + CCLA-AAG2   Set wind direction to North
17      9WLA-BCG0 + CWLA-AAG2   Set wind direction to Northeast
18      9WLA-BCG0 + DCLA-AAG2   Set wind direction to East
19      9WLA-BCG0 + DWLA-AAG2   Set wind direction to Southeast
20      AM0A-AAFL       Start at level 2
21      AS0A-AAFL       Start at level 3
22      AX0A-AAFL       Start at level 4
23      A10A-AAFL       Start at level 5
24      A50A-AAFL       Start at level 6
25      A90A-AAFL       Start at level 7
26      BD0A-AAFL       Start at level 8
27      BH0A-AAFL       Start at level 9
28      BM0A-AAFL       Start at level 10
29      BS0A-AAFL       Start at level 11
30      BX0A-AAFL       Start at level 12
31      BCRT-BE4A       All tournament opponents will 
shoot par on each hole
32      ACRT-BE4A       All tournament opponents will 
shoot birdie on each hole

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