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Prince of Persia

If you lose a life and the Prince disappears, switch codes off and then on and he 
will reappear.
004 03B 19E     Infinite time
2D2 08F 19A     45-min. game
142 08F 19A     20-min. game
0A2 08F 19A     10-min. game
*=Additional health units only show up when you enter game
081 38C E66     *Start with more health units--select options screen, move 
cursor down to health units, press 1 button 3x for 6 health units, 4x for 7 health 
units, 5x for 8 health units (maximum)
001 E9E 3BE     Don't lose health units when you drop off some ledges--you 
do lose additional units but won't go below 3
049-4ED-E66     Start on level 2
059-4ED-E66     Start on level 3
069-4ED-E66     Start on level 4
079-4ED-E66     Start on level 5
089-4ED-E66     Start on level 6
099-4ED-E66     Start on level 7
0A9-4ED-E66     Start on level 8
0B9-4ED-E66     Start on level 9
0C9-4ED-E66     Start on level 10
0D9-4ED-E66     Start on level 11
0E9-4ED-E66     Start on level 12
0F9-4ED-E66     Start on level 13
109-4ED-E66     Walk all the way to the left to see ending

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