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Tiny Toon Adventures 2

006-14B-19E     Infinite time
00D-5CD-19E     Infinite energy
029-66E-F7A     Start with 1 heart
039-66E-F7A     Start with 2 hearts
00A-5ED-E6E     Infinite lives
00E-1E9-E62     Start with 1 life
04E-1E9-E62     Start with 5 lives
09E-1E9-E62     Start with 10 lives
00E-229-5D4     Start with mega points
01E-319-F7E     Start with 100 seconds on the clock
03E-319-F7E     Start with 300 seconds on the clock
07E-319-F7E     Start with 700 seconds on the clock
09E-319-F7E     Start with 900 seconds on the clock
C3C-DAD-E61     Invincible
00D-53D-679     One hit and you die
3FD-53D-679     Don't flash as long after getting hit

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