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Kirby's Dream Land 2

003-838-19E     One hit and you're invincible
012-BFA-6EB     Don't flash at all after getting hit
202-BFA-6EB     Don't flash as long after getting hit
FA7-CBD-4C1     Infinite energy
AFA-9EC-A28     One hit and you die
00D-589-E62     Start with 1 life
04D-589-E62     Start with 5 lives
06D-589-E62     Start with 7 lives
09D-589-E62     Start with 10 lives
FA1-C4B-4C1     Infinite lives
01C-DE8-F76     Each star woth an extra life
00C-DC8-19A     Can't get extra lives from stars
01C-DE8-F76  + 3DC-878-19A      Each star takes away a life

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