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Killer Instinct

002-199-19E     Infinite time
103-1CD-80C     Round starts with 10 seconds
303-1CD-80C     Round starts with 30 seconds
503-1CD-80C     Round starts with 50 seconds
753-1CD-80C     Round starts with 75 seconds
FA7-B0B-4C1     Infinite energy
012-EAD-919     Strart with very little energy
4B2-EAD-919     Strart with 1/4 energy
882-EAD-919     Strart with 1/2 energy
B42-EAD-919     Strart with 3/4 energy
00B-428-6E2     Fierce tiger fury does no damage
88B-428-6E2     Fierce tiger fury does more damage
FFB-428-6E2     Fierce tiger fury kills
00B-698-916     Fierce wind kick does no damage
88B-698-916     Fierce wind kick does more damage
FFB-698-916     Fierce wind kick kills
00B-838-91E     Fierce laser blade does no damage
88B-838-91E     Fierce laser blade does more damage
FFB-838-91E     Fierce laser blade kills

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