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The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle

001-5CA-E62     Start with 1 life
091-5CA-E62     Start with 10 lives
0E1-5CA-E62     Start with 15 lives
001-61A-E66     Start with 1 mooseberry--1st life
041-61A-E66     Start with 5 mooseberries--1st life
091-61A-E66     Start with 10 mooseberries--1st life
004-BCE-E66     Start with 1 mooseberry--2nd life
044-BCE-E66     Start with 5 mooseberries--2nd life
094-BCE-E66     Start with 10 mooseberries--2nd life
FA4-96E-4C1     Infinite energy
014-53E-08B     1 hit and you die
FA4-28E-4C1     1 hit and you're invincible
C94-4CE-E69     Invincibility

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