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Ecco The Dolphin

Cheat mode:

Press Start during game play to view the sonar screen. Press Right, 1, 2, 
1, 2, Down, 2, Up to display a new menu with invincibility, unlimited 
continues and other options. 

Level                           Password 

Medusa Bay                      QMBRB 
Undercaves                      AGCFU 
Ridgewater                      VADJR 
Open Ocean                      QYEKR 
Cold Water                      IAFWN 
Deep Water                      YAHWV 
The City of Forever, part 1     OKBKI  
Origin Beach                    CCRIJ  
Dark Water                      WGUKK 
The City of Forever, part 2     MEMSK  
The Tube                        GGWAO 
The Machine                     KOWMP 
The Vortex                      WCSKQ 

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