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Super Monkey Ball

Skip credits:
Hold L + R and repeatedly press A when you see the 
first words appear.

Quick finish in Monkey Race:
During any Monkey Race on any setting, press 
L + R + A + X + Y to instantly finish the race.

Bonus level:
Select any difficulty setting and complete all 
normal levels. A bonus level will start during the credits. 
Get as many bananas as you can while avoiding the falling 
letters from the credits.

The names of the programmers who made the game will appear 
above the bananas. All the letters will fall down and you 
have to try and dodge them.

EX levels:
Successfully complete beginner mode without losing any 
lives to unlock 3 EX levels. 

Extra levels can be unlocked on all difficulties by not 
falling once. However, once you get to the extra levels, 
you can die as many times as you have continues.

Master mode:
Successfully complete the game in expert mode without 
using any continues. 

Unlimited continues:
After you buy all three mini-games, for every 2,500 play 
points you get, you will gain an extra continue. 
After you reach 9 continues, the game will give you 
unlimited continues. 

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