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Skies of Arcadia: Legends

Alternate opening sequence:
Get Fina in your party to unlock the alternate 
opening sequence featuring Cupil.

Exploration King Vyse rank:
Find all Discoveries and over 90% of the hidden 
treasure chests. Go to Hamachou Island to check 
your exploration total. 

Sky Battle King Vyse rank:
Defeat Roc in Ixa'taka, Alania in Glacia, Giant Looper 
near the Looper's nest Discovery, Obispo (north from 
Crescent Isle until you wrap around the map to the bottom), 
and twelve ship battles with Valuans, Black Pirates, 
and any other opponent. 

Vyse the Battle Lord rank:
Kill more than 2,500 monsters. Go to Hamachou Island 
to check your kill total. 

Vyse the Bounty King rank:
Defeat and claim the rewards for all eight bounties. 

Vyse the Charismatic rank:
Find all crew members. 

Vyse the Extravagant rank:
Accumulate 1 million gold and all of the ship luxury items: 
the Intercom (bought in Nasrad), Enhanced Kitchen (bought in 
Nasrad), Floor Heater (Ixa'takan Black Market ship), Air Purifier 
(dropped Alania the giant spider if Kalifa is in the party), 
Yafutoman Alcove (bought in Yafutoma), Soundproofing (from 
Raja or Raja Embla ship battles in Deep Sky if Kalifa is in 
party), Expensive Wheel (bought in Crescent Isle), and 
Chandelier (bought in Crescent Isle), Wooden Doll (from 
Roc the giant bird if Kalifa is in party). 

Vyse the Fisher King rank:
Catch more than 1,000 fish. You do not have to keep them 
all in your inventory. 

Vyse the Legend rank:
Get all Discoveries, 100% hidden treasure chests, all eight 
bounties, and complete the Piastol/Maria plot. 

Rank bonus:
Earn all the ranks available for Vyse. Return to Crescent Isle 
to encounter Vigoro as a pirate. The Mystery Merchant will now 
sell the Sky Fang cutlass. There is also a 
Golden Hamachou Discovery that can be found at the top of 
the island between Shrine Island and Sailors' Isle . 

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