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Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

Full pause screen:
Pause game play then hold Y + X. 

Zoom in tutorial:
While in the tutorial subscreen, press Y button 
to zoom in on the picture. 

Freeze camera:
To keep the camera still in the Chao Garden or 
in an action stage where you can stand still, hold L + R. 

Sonic Team announcement:
Allow the game to idle at the "Press Start" screen. 
After several demos, the Sonic Team logo will appear 
again and Tails will say "Sonic Team!".

Character comments:
Start any mission, and keep your character idle for 
about twenty seconds. They will comment about the mission. 
They will say something different when you continue to 
wait until forty seconds.

Flaming Dot: (Submitted by: Hannah)
In Green Forest, there are 3 wooden crates, between them is 
an animal of some sort. After the stage, go to the Chao World 
as any Hero character. Give the animal to any Chao in any garden 
of your choice. Then, you will see a flaming dot above that 
Chao's head.  

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