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Rainbow Six: Lockdown

Cheat mode:
Spend the indicated amount of Intel points at the "Special Features" menu 
to acquire the corresponding cheat. To activate them, pause game play, 
then select the "Enter Cheat Code" selection at the options menu. The 
name of the code will appear to confirm correct entry. Repeat to disable 
its effect. 

Increased Force (650 Intel Points): Press Right(3), Down(3). 
Invisible (900 Intel Points):       Press Down(3), Up(3). 
One Shot Kills (600 Intel Points):  Press Up(3), Left(3). 
Unlimited Ammo (550 Intel Points):  Press Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right.
Unlimited Items (550 Intel Points): Press Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Down.
Fast Movement (450 Intel Points):   Press Left(3), Right(3). 
Ghost Mode (250 Intel Points):      Press Up(2), Left, Right, Down(2).
God Mode (600 Intel Points)
Team God Mode (450 Intel Points) 

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