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NHL Hitz 2003

Jungle stadium:
Complete all the techniques in school mode to unlock 
the Jungle stadium.

Unfair trades with trade logic on: 
To execute an unfair trade with the trade logic on, trade 
many times. You can trade a 70 overall player for a 71 or 72. 
Once that you have that player, trade them for a higher overall 
player. Once you work that player up to someone who is about 90, 
it is as if you traded your 70 overall player for the 90 overall 
player. Note: If this is done a lot, teams will be more 
unlikely to trade for good players.

Get players without trading:
Go to Free Agency and sign on a player with about a 60 overall 
average. The game will state that the team already has a maximum
amount of players. Sign off the player that you want. Then, go 
to the Free Agency and sign on the player you want onto your team. 
You can now have their players without trading. 

Unlimited equipment in franchise mode:
Any time that you play a world team in franchise mode, you will 
receive new equipment to better your players. If you play a world 
team more than once, you can continue to gain equipment. This 
works especially well when you have completed franchise mode, 
and max out your team.

100 overall player in franchise mode: 
Once you have completed franchise mode, play the Moscow Wolves 
until you have enough level 5 equipment so that one player can 
have it all. The player you assign the equipment should be your 
Captain. Go to your locker room, and select "players". 
Change that players play style to "Speedster". He will now have 
an overall rating of 100.

Goalie fight:
Turn off the penalties and check the goalie until he has had 
enough and a goalie fight will start.

Winning fights:
To win a fight easily, press Fire with at least one bar on the 
fire meter. Your wrist will go on fire. 

Easy goals:
When your team is down a player (for example, from hitting the 
goalie or fighting), your team cannot get another penalty. You 
can knock over the opposing goalie with a player and score on 
the open net with the other player. 
Note: This is easiest with two players.

Go to the game options and turn off penalties, Check the goalie, 
then shoot. Note: This works best with two players.

Easy franchise mode:
When playing in franchise mode, complete all the tasks required,
then pause game play and go to the options screen. Choose 
"Game Options", and locate the slaughter rule option at the bottom. 
Set it so you can win when you score the next goal. You can 
complete the whole thing and sometimes win the game in one period.

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