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Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets

Nimbus 2000 Broomstick:
On the second day of school, go to the Quidditch practice. 
Complete the training with a "B" or better rank to get the 
Nimbus 2000 flying broomstick. You can now fly anywhere 
around the school during the day. Note: You can only land on 
grass and cannot fly inside the school. 

Deduct points from Slytherin:
When Hermione changes you into Goyle, go out at night and try 
to get caught by the Prefects (the people that patrol the halls). 
When you do, Slytherin will get 5 house points deducted. You may 
repeat this process a few times, but after awhile this will stop. 

Avoiding ghosts:
When you do not want to be hit by ghosts and lose all your items 
(Balloons, Beans, and sometimes Stink Pellets) just stand on the 
ledge until the specter nears you. Tap the Analog-stick so that 
you will fall and catch the ledge. When you are hanging, they 
cannot hit you and cause your items to go flying. 

Escape Uppergraders:
When you are going to get caught by an Uppergrader and he uses the 
Locomotomortis spell, use the shield spell to stop it and run away. 
If done correctly, he will say "Did any one see him?". 

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