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Hot Wheels Velocity X

All cars:
Collect 11 Bonus Stunt items while completing Challenge 8.

All worlds:
Find the Hidden Key while completing Challenge 18. The yellow 
key is in the Mines, across a trestle at the end of a tunnel.

All gadgets:
Intentionally hit 25 Barrels while completing Challenge 7.

Laser upgrade:
Note: You must get an "A+" rank when doing the following. 
Complete all challenges, then unlock the "Timer Speed" cheat. 
Set it to 10% speed. Change the difficulty level to very hard 
then complete Challenge 18. Get the "A+" rank to unlock the 
"Laser Upgrade" cheat. 

Unlimited ammunition:
Intentionally hit 50 Barrels while completing Challenge 18.

Unlimited health:
Intentionally hit 179 Barrels while completing Challenge 17.

Unlimited turbo:
Collect 8 Zappers while completing Challenge 4.

Timer speed:
Intentionally hit 13 Detour Signs while completing Challenge 15. 

Gadgets for completing challenges:

    Challenge 1: Laser Cannon
    Challenge 3: Sonic Boom
    Challenge 4: Atom Blaster
    Challenge 7: Freon Bomb
    Challenge 9: Energy Shield
    Challenge 10: Jet Booster
    Challenge 13: Super Zapper
    Challenge 15: Magnet Mine
    Challenge 16: Doom Disks 

Underworld Track:
Successfully complete Challenge 2. 

Glacier Track:
Successfully complete Challenge 11. 

Sewer Pipe Arena:
Successfully complete Challenge 5. 

Crankshaft Docks:
Successfully complete Challenge 8. 

Treadwell Plaza:
Successfully complete Challenge 14. 

Underworld Arena:
Successfully complete Challenge 17. 

Sho-Stopper vehicle:
Successfully complete Challenge 6. 

Surf Crate vehicle:
Successfully complete Challenge 12. 

Krazy 8s vehicle:
Successfully complete Challenge 18. 

HW Prototype vehicle:
Successfully complete all missions in adventure mode.

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