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Burnout 2: Point of Impact

All cheats unlocked:
Use a memory card with a saved game from Burnout with free 
mode unlocked. Start Burnout 2 and load that game. 

Cheat mode:
Unlock any cheat and the "Cheat Mode" selection will appear 
at the options screen. 
Note: Races will not be counted as wins with any cheat activated.

Complete all Grand Prix Championships with gold medals to 
unlock the "Invulnerability" option at the "Cheat Mode" menu. 

Complete Crash mode with all gold medals on all fifteen tracks 
to unlock the "Runaway" option at the "Cheat Mode" menu. 
This is a free-play type Crash mode with no goals or brakes. 
Note: Hold R to boost at the start.

Face Off:
Win all the face offs in the first championship. 

Complete the Custom Series Championship to unlock the 
"Freerun" option at the "Cheat Mode" menu. 

Unlimited Boost:
Unlock everything in the Custom Series Championship to unlock 
the "Unlimited Boost" option at the "Cheat Mode" menu.

Custom Series Championship:
Get all gold medals in every race and win everything in the 
first championship to unlock the Custom Series Championship. 
There will be about six more cars that you can unlock.

1997 Eclipse and 2001 Focus SVT:
Complete the Custom championship two times and get best score 
possible in the races.

Custom Compact car:
Win the Custom Series Qualifier. 

Custom Coupe car:
Win all gold medals at the Split Second Grand Prix. 

Custom Muscle car:
Win Pursuit 6. 

Custom Pickup truck:
Win Pursuit 5. 

Custom Roadster:
Win all gold medals at Point Of Impact Grand Prix. 

Custom Sport car:
Win all gold medals at the Speed Streak Grand Prix. 

Custom SUV:
Win Pursuit 4. 

Classic 1970 car:
Win Pursuit 2 by destroying the classic 1970 car with the 
police car. This car has average to bad stats, but it can get 
past a police car very quickly in Pursuit mode and in races. 

Drivers Ed car:
Get all gold medals in the Offensive Driving 101 competition. 
The Driver's Ed car is much faster and handles better than the 
Muscle car. You can see this at the stats at the car selection screen.

Oval Racer:
Race Face-Off 2 against the Oval Racer. The race is five laps around 
Airport Terminal 3 (one of the first races). If you manage to defeat 
it, you will unlock it. This car has great acceleration, maximum 
control, and maximum top speed.

Police car:
Win Pursuit 1 by destroying the criminal's car before it gets away. 
The police car has maximum top speed, average control, and 
good acceleration.

Gangster car:
Win Pursuit 3. 

Hot Rod car:
Win Face Off 1. 

Stock car:
Win Face Off 2. 

Japanese Muscle car:
Win Face Off 3. 

Super Car:
Win Face Off 4. 

Two player pursuit mode:
Successfully complete Pursuit 3. 

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