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NFL Blitz 2002

Cheat mode:
Press L, R, and A (Juke, Turbo, and Hurdle) to change the 
icons below the helmets on the versus screen. The numbers 
in the following list indicate the number of times each 
button is pressed. After the icons have been changed, press 
the D-pad in the indicated direction to enable the code. 
The name of the code and a sound will confirm correct code entry. 
Example, to enter 1-2-3 Left, press L, R(2), A(3), Left.

Effect                              Code 
Extra time after plays              0-0-1 Right  
No CPU assistance1                  0-1-2 Down  
See more field1                     0-2-1 Right  
Big feet                            0-2-5 Left  
Big shoulders                       0-2-5 Right  
Chimp mode                          0-2-5 Up  
Classic NFL Blitz ball              0-3-0 Left  
Chrome ball                         0-3-0 Left  
Fast running speed                  0-3-2 Left  
Indians team                        0-4-5 Left  
Super blitzing                      0-5-4 Up  
Tourney mode in two team game       1-1-1 Down  
Super field goals                   1-2-3 Left  
Clear weather                       1-2-3 Right  
Cowboys team                        1-3-5 Left  
No punting                          1-4-1 Up  
Huge head for ball carrier          1-4-5 Left  
Big head for ball carrier           2-0-0 Right  
Big head for team                   2-0-3 Right  
No first downs                      2-1-0 Up  
Allow stepping out of bounds        2-1-1 Left  
More code entry time                2-1-2 Right  
Always QB (two humans on team)      2-2-2 Left  
Always receiver (2 humans on team)  2-2-2 Right  
Ground fog                          2-3-2 Down  
Fast passes                         2-4-0 Left  
Midway team                         2-5-3 Right  
Rollos team                         2-5-4 Up  
Bilders team                        3-1-0 Up  
Smart CPU teammates                 3-1-4 Down  
No target receiver highlight        3-2-1 Down  
Noftle mode                         3-2-5 Up  
Extra offense plays                 3-3-3 Down  
Neo Tokyo team                      3-4-4 Down  
More fumbles                        3-4-5 Up  
Showtime mode                       3-5-1 Right  
No interceptions                    3-5-5 Up  
Crunch Mode team                    4-0-3 Right  
Power-up offense                    4-1-2 Up  
Unlimited turbo                     4-1-5 Up  
Power-up defense                    4-2-1 Up  
Brew Dawgs team                     4-3-2 Down  
Gsmers team                         5-0-1 Up  
Power-up linemen                    5-2-1 Up  
No random fumbles1                  5-2-3 Down  
Armageddon team                     5-4-3 Right  
No replays                          5-5-4 Right  
Snowy weather                       5-5-5 Left  
Rainy weather                       5-5-5 Right  

Hidden players:
Enter one of the following ID and PIN values to unlock the corresponding player.

ID          PIN  
BEAR        1985 
CLOWN       1974 
COWBOY      1996 
DEER        1997 
DOLPHIN     1972  
EAGLE       1981 
FAT         1969 
HORSE       1999 
INDIAN      1992 
LION        1963 
PINTO       1966 
PIRATE      2001 
RAM         2000 
RAVEN       2001 
RBL-DBN     9669  
ROBOTA      1974 
ROBOTB      1970 
ROBOTR      1974 
ROBOTS      1970 
TIGER       1977 
VIKING      1977 

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