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Animal Crossing

Change item screen background:
Get the piece of clothing you want as the background in 
your inventory. Grab it and drag it to the lower right 
space. From there, drag it one space down into a blank 
space, press A, and you will have changed the background.

View credits:
Talk to the dog next to the train station and type three key symbols.

Quick item:
To get something you ordered the day that you ordered it, 
save, continue, then reset the game. After you talk to 
Mr. Resetti, your items will be in the mail.

Getting NES games:
Talk to the townspeople until they ask you when your birthday is. 
Most of them will say something similar to "How would you like a 
train set for your birthday?" Answer "Yes" and you will put in your 
birthday. On your birthday, one of the townsfolk will be outside 
your house. He or she will present you with a NES. For example, 
Virgos will get Donkey Kong.

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