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V-Rally 3

Floating cars:
Enter 210741974 MARTY as a name. 

Small cars:
Enter 01041977 BIGJIM as a name. 

Smashed cars:
Enter 25121975 PILOU as a name. 

Jelly cars:
Enter 07121974 FERGUS as a name. 

Flat cars:
Enter 21051975 PTITDAV as a name. 

Stretched cars:
Enter Gonzales SPEEDY as a name. 

Realistic physics:
Enter WHEEL REAL as a name. 

Small cars with high-pitched commentary: 
Enter no first name and PALACH as a last name. 

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI:
Select career mode and win the 1.6L FWD championship in V-Rally mode. 

SEAT Cordoba Repsol:
Win the Pirelli Challenge in challenge mode.

Subaru Impreza 2000:
Select career mode and win the 2.0L 4WD championship in V-Rally mode. 

Toyota Corolla V-Rally:
Set a record time in all circuits.

Reversed tracks:
There are four tracks in each country. Beat the record of a track to unlock the 
next one. Unlock all of them to access the four reversed tracks for that 

Extra challenges:
Win the Michelin Challenge in challenge mode. 

Car preview:
Hold C-stick Left or C-stick Right at the car selection screen to open either 
door. Hold C-stick Up at the car selection screen to open the hood. Hold 
C-stick Down at the car selection screen to open the trunk. 

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