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Mario Party 5

Hard difficulty setting:
Successfully complete the game under the normal difficulty setting in Battle, 
Flag, or Robo Rabbit Hunt to unlock the hard difficulty setting in that 

Intense mode:
Successfully complete story mode under the hard difficulty setting to unlock 
the intense difficulty setting.

Bowser Nightmare:
Successfully complete story mode. 

Successfully complete the Bowser Nightmare in story mode. 

Skoler parts:
To unlock Skoler parts in the shop in super duel mode, win Battle, Flag, and 
Robo Rabbit Hunt under all difficulty settings. 

DK parts:
To unlock DK and his parts at the shop in super duel mode, defeat DK in battle 
mode under the hard difficulty setting in super duel mode.

Press L during game play when it is not your turn to taunt.

Mini-game modifier:
Pause game play during any mini-game and press A, B, X, R, Y. You will be able 
to make any changes to mini-games. For example, on the 1 vs.3 game Flatiater, 
you can change your ball into squares and triangles; allow the runner to jump 
or drive cars; or make the field bigger, be in space, etc.

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