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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2

Android 17:
In Dragon World, defeat Android 17 as Piccolo.

Android 16:
In Dragon World, defeat Android 16 as Goku.

Android 18:
In Dragon World, defeat Android 18 as Krillen.

Android 20:
In Dragon World, defeat Android 20 as Goku.

In Dragon World, defeat Cell as Goku.

In Babidi's Ship, get over 100 Kili.

In Dragon World, defeat Frieza as Goku.

Future Trunks:
In Dragon World, defeat Vegeta on Namek with Kid Trunks. 

In Dragon World, defeat Ginyu on Namek as Vegeta. 

Get both Hercule's and Goku's Breakthrough Capsules. 

You will automatically get his capsule during Dragon mode 
when you are in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

Defeat Fat Buu for the first time to unlock Gotenks.

To get Gotenks when absorbing you must be fighting Majin Buu.

In Dragon World, defeat Fat Buu as Saiyaman.

Get this capsule after you have gathered all seven Dragon Balls. 
Summon Shenron and acquire the capsule.

Kid Buu:
In Babidi's Ship, get over 3,600 Kili.

Majin Buu:
In Babidi's Ship, get over 1,200 Kili.

In Dragon World, defeat Nappa as Vegeta. This can only be done 
when you unlock Vegeta and start Dragon mode again. 

To get the Potara Capsule for Vegeta, you must wish for it from 
the Eternal Dragon Shenron at the end or Dragon World. 

In Dragon World, defeat Raditz as Goku.

In Dragon World, defeat Recoome as Goku.

In Dragon World, defeat Cell as Adult Gohan the first time you 
see him.

Super Buu:
In Babidi's Ship, get over 2,400 Kili.

Supreme Kai:
In Dragon World, defeat Supreme Kai as Goku.

Teen Gohan:
Use a memory card with a saved game file from Dragon Ball Z: 
Budokai. Alternately, in Dragon World, defeat Cell for the 
last time on Supreme Kai's planet with Adult Gohan.

Get both Tien and Yamcha's Breakthrough Capsules. A capsule will 
be given you that explains it.

In Dragon World, defeat Vegeta as Goku on Namek.

In the city, when Supreme Kai tells you about the Potara earrings, 
go to him to get them. When Vegeta comes, give him the other 

In Dragon World, defeat Super Buu (as Gohan absorbed) as Hercule.

In Dragon World, defeat Nappa as Tien.

Adept difficulty:
Unlock sixteen playable characters. The Adept capsule will appear 
in the capsule shop.

Advanced difficulty:
Unlock all twenty nine characters. The Advanced capsule will 
appear in the capsule shop.

Babidi's Ship:
Complete Dragon World and have all seven Dragonballs. After the 
credits, the Dragonballs will glow and Shenron will be summoned. The 
first option is "Babidi's Ship".

City Stage level:
Defeat Super Buu with Gohan to unlock the City Stage level.

Babidi's Mind Control (Majin Vegeta):
Defeat Majin Vegeta the first time you fight him with Goku. 

If you defeat someone when the dizzy symbol is over their head, you 
will take away two life points. This is what makes it possible to get 
Babidi's Mind Contol (Majin Vegeta). 

On the level were you must stop Majin Buu from being resurrected, kill 
Cell or Dabura to get Babidi's Mind Control for Vegeta.

Super Buu's absorption technique:
Get over 10,000 Kili on Babidi's Ship.

Alternate costumes:
To change costumes, go to the character and press Up or Down. You will 
be able to select a different costumes. Some characters may have three 
choices but most have only two. 

Alternate stages:
Press Y when selecting a stage to play in the night version or new part of 
the stage. Note: Some stages do not have an alternate version.

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