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Duke Nukem 3D

All Items:

To gain all the key cards and other items, pause the game, then 
press A, C, D, C and press the lower right corner of the screen 

All Weapons:

While playing, pause the game then press B, A, D, A, D, D for all 
weapons and maximum ammo. 

Key Card Tip:

When you pick up a key card, you have access to all locked doors. 
But if you decide not to use the key card in the level you first 
found it in, you may keep it and use it in a later level that you 
can't seem to find a key card in. Don't forget! When you start a 
new episode, you lose all key cards you may have previously 

Quick Shot:

As you turn a corner, hold down the A button to get a quick shot or 
two before your enemy does. 

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