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WWF War Zone

Status                                        Password 
Kane vs. Steve Austin                         JHRFGGK  
Kane vs. Goldust                              HJSCKKG  
Kane vs. Owen Hart                            JKTCJJH  
Kane vs. Owen Hart in feud                    CBLKCCD  
Kane vs. Bulldog                              MBLKCMD  
Kane vs. Rocky Miavia                         DHCKBBF  
Kane vs. Rocky Miavia in feud                 CJDHFFB  
Kane vs. Shawn Michaels in grudge             DKFHDDC  
Kane vs. Mankind                              MJDHFBB  
Kane vs. Ahmed Johnson                        RLQPRRS  
Kane vs. Ahmed J. in feud                     SRRPQQT  
Kane vs. Undertaker for IC title              JRRPQGT  
Kane vs. Undertaker in feud                   RSSMTTQ  
Kane vs. Shamrock                             HSSMTKQ  
Kane vs. Farooq in cage for Championship      STTMSSR 
Mankind vs. Ahmed Johnson                     DHRFNGG  
Mankind vs. The Rock                          CJSCMKK  
Mankind vs. Shawn Michaels                    DKTCLJJ  
Mankind vs. Shawn M. in feud                  HBLKTCC  
Mankind vs. Kane                              RBLKTMC  
Mankind vs. Shamrock                          JHCKSSB  
Mankind vs. Farooq                            HJDHRFF  
Mankind vs. Farooq in feud                    JKFHQDD  
Mankind vs. H H H                             SKFHQND  
Mankind vs. Stone Cold                        MLQPFRR  
Mankind vs. Stone Cold in feud                NRRPDQQ  
Mankind vs. Owen Hart for IC title            DRRPDGQ  
Mankind vs. Owen Hart in feud                 MSSMCTT  
Mankind vs. Goldust                           CSSMCKT  
Mankind vs. Bulldog in cage for championship  NTTMBSS 
Stone Cold vs. Goldust                        JGTCDGK  
Stone Cold vs. Goldust in feud                HKQFCKG  
Stone Cold vs. Bulldog                        RKQFCTG  
Stone Cold vs. Owen Hart                      JJRFBJH  
Stone Cold vs. Mankind                        CCNHKCD  
Stone Cold vs. Undertaker                     DGFHJBF  
Stone Cold vs. Undertaker in feud             CKBKHFB  
Stone Cold vs. Ahmed J.                       MKBKHPB  
Stone Cold vs. The Rock                       DJCKGDC  
Stone Cold vs. The Rock in feud               RMSMPRS  
Stone Cold vs. Shawn M.                       HMSHPHS  
Stone Cold vs. Shamrock for IC title          SQTMNQT  
Stone Cold vs. Shamrock in feud               RTQPMTQ  
Stone Cold vs. Farooq                         HJQPMKQ  
Stone Cold vs. Kane in cage for championship  SSRPLSR 
Undertaker vs. Kane                           DRSCBGH  
Undertaker vs. H H H                          CSRFFKJ  
Undertaker vs. H H H in feud                  DTQFDJK  
Undertaker vs. Stone Cold                     NTQFDSK  
Undertaker vs. Owen Hart                      HLPHHCB  
Undertaker vs. Goldust                        JRDHGBC  
Undertaker vs. The Rock                       HSCKKFD  
Undertaker vs. The Rock in feud               JTBKJDF  
Undertaker vs. Mankind                        STBKJNF  
Undertaker vs. Mankind in feud                MBTMMRQ  
Undertaker vs. Ahmed J.                       CBTMMHQ  
Undertaker vs. Bulldog for IC title           NHSMLQR  
Undertaker vs. Bulldog in feud                MJRPPTS  
Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels in cage         NKQPNST 
HHH vs. Bulldog                               DGSCDHG  
HHH vs. Bulldog in feud                       CKRFCJK  
HHH vs. Mankind                               MKRFCSK  
HHH vs. Undertaker                            DJQFBKJ  
HHH vs. The Rock                              HCPHKBC  
HHH vs. Shawn Michaels                        JGDHJCB  
HHH vs. Shawn Michaels in feud                HKCKHDF  
HHH vs. Shamrock                              RKCKHNF  
HHH vs. Kane                                  JJBKGFD  
HHH vs. Kane in feud                          MMTMPQR  
HHH vs. The Rock                              CMTMPGR  
HHH vs. Farooaq for IC                        NQSMNRQ  
HHH vs. Stone Cold                            CTRPMJT  
HHH vs. Owen Hart in cage                     NSQPLTS 

Wrestle as Dude Love:
Press B, A, Select, Up, Down at the title screen.
Although posted as a valid code on other web sites, it does not function in the retail version of the game.

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