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Tetris Attack

Expert mode:
Select single player mode and choose the "Vs. Com" option. Hold Up + Select and press A at the difficulty selection screen. Fight against Bowser:
Enter 78RN5B?8 as a password. Bonus borders:
Note: This code requires game play on the SNES using a Super Game Boy cartridge.
Yoshi border
Hold Down and press A at the title screen.
Volcano border
Hold Left and press A at the title screen.
Forest border
Hold Up and press A at the title screen.
M.C. Escher-style border
Hold Down and press Start at the title screen.
Cloud border
Hold Left and press Start at the title screen.
Green moon border
Hold Up and press Start at the title screen.

Level Normal Extra 1-1 00!JJ060 J0!J0060 1-2 00HJ0160 J0HJJ150 1-3 00!JJ150 J0!J0150 1-4 00HJ0250 J0HJJ240 1-5 00!JJ240 J0!J0240 1-6 00HJ0340 J0HJJ330 1-7 00!JJ330 J0!J0330 1-8 00HJ0430 J0HJJ420 1-9 00!JJ420 J0!J0420 1-10 00HJ0520 J0HJJ510 2-1 00!000G0 J0!0J0F0 2-2 00H0J1F0 J0H001F0 2-3 00!001F0 J0!0J1D0 2-4 00H0J2D0 J0H002D0 2-5 00!002D0 J0!0J2C0 2-6 00H0J3C0 J0H003C0 2-7 00!003C0 J0!0J3B0 2-8 00H0J4B0 J0H004B0 2-9 00!004B0 J0!0J490 2-10 00H0J590 J0H00590 3-1 00!JJ0F0 J0!J00F0 3-2 00HJ01F0 J0HJJ1D0 3-3 00!JJ1D0 J0!J01D0 3-4 00HJ02D0 J0HJJ2C0 3-5 00!JJ2C0 J0!J02C0 3-6 00HJ03C0 J0HJJ3B0 3-7 00!JJ3B0 J0!J03B0 3-8 00HJ04B0 J0HJJ490 3-9 00!JJ490 J0!J0490 3-10 00HJ0590 J0HJJ580 4-1 00!000P0 J0!0J0N0 4-2 00H0J1N0 J0H001N0 4-3 00!001N0 J0!0J1M0 4-4 00H0J2M0 J0H002M0 4-5 00!002M0 J0!0J2L0 4-6 00H0J3L0 J0H003L0 4-7 00!003L0 J0!0J3K0 4-8 00H0J4K0 J0H004K0 4-9 00!004K0 J0!0J4J0 4-10 00H0J5J0 J0H005J0 5-1 00!JJ0N0 J0!J00N0 5-2 00HJ01N0 J0HJJ1M0 5-3 00!JJ1M0 J0!J01M0 5-4 00HJ02M0 J0HJJ2L0 5-5 00!JJ2L0 J0!J02L0 5-6 00HJ03L0 J0HJJ3K0 5-7 00!JJ3K0 J0!J03K0 5-8 00HJ04K0 J0HJJ4J0 5-9 00!JJ4J0 J0!J04J0 5-10 00HJ05J0 J0HJJ5R0 6-1 00!000Y0 J0!0J0X0 6-2 00H0J1X0 J0H001X0 6-3 00!001X0 J0!0J1W0 6-4 00H0J2W0 J0H002W0 6-5 00!002W0 J0!0J2V0 6-6 00H0J3V0 J0H003V0 6-7 00!003V0 J0!0J3T0 6-8 00H0J4T0 J0H004T0 6-9 00!004T0 J0!0J4!0 6-10 00H0J5!0 J0H005!0

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