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Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

Ninety-nine lives:
Complete the Hippopotamus and Space zones. Return to the Hippopotamus zone, enter the water, and move to the left. Collect the 50 coin bonus and repeat this procedure to accumulate 999 coins. Then, play the bonus game to gain additional lives. Easy mode:
Press Select at the pipe screen. Return to map screen:
Press Start, Select. Control demo mode:
Leave the game idle on the title screen to begin demo mode. Press one of the following controller actions to control Mario during this mode. Code Level Hold Up and press Select Mushroom 1 Hold Up + A and press Select Hippo Hold Up + B and press Select Turtle Zone 1 Hold Up + A + B and press Select Macro Zone 1
Extra life in Hippopotamus zone: Locate the first Hippo and enter the bubble. Then return to where you started and go up to find a box that contains an extra life.

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