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King Of Fighters '95

Auto-play mode:
Press B prior to selecting single or team play mode. Then, press A to start the game with both fighters under CPU control. Fight against Nakoruru:
Complete the game under the hard difficulty level. Nakoruru will appear after the credits are complete. Fight as Nakoruru:
Press Select(20) at the Takara logo. Fight as Saisyu and Rugal:
Press Select(3) at the Takara logo. Same character match:
Hold A + B and press Select at the Takara logo to fight as the same character in team mode. Random character:
Press Start + A + B at the character selection screen. Slow motion mode:
Pause game play and resume by pressing Select. Unlimited Super meter:
Press Select(25) at the Takara logo. Desperation moves:
Super moves can be executed regardless of the super meter status when your character's health meter blinks.

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