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Castlevania Legends

All items, soul weapons:
Enter [Meat] [Candle] [Candle] [Meat] as a password to start at the last level with all items and soul weapons.
Level Standard mode Light mode 2 [Axe][Axe][Blank][Knife] [Cross][Axe][Axe][Watch] 3 [Axe][Cross][Blank][Candles] [Cross][Cross][Blank][Meat] 4 [Watch][Blank][Knife][Meat] [Candles][Axe][Watch][Candles] 5-1 [Watch][Holy water][Meat] [Candles][Holy water][Meat] [Candles] [Meat] 5-2 [Knife][Candles][Candles] [Meat][Candles][Candles][Meat] [Candles] Bonus [Knife][Blank][Candles][Meat] [Meat][Blank][Meat][Candles]

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